The wonderful way to Playa de Cofete

The wonderful way to Playa de Cofete

It is always said that the most beautiful things to achieve are the most difficult and insidious ones. For Playa de Cofete and Fuerteventura it went a bit like this. I don’t know why but before being able to come here, to Fuerteventura, I had to wait four long years. Between pandemics, happy events and small unexpected events, I was never able to come. But the most beautiful trip was to Playa de Cofete (Cofete Beach), which is not exactly easy to reach.

The road

After many kilometers of beautiful and well-maintained paved roads, a long stretch of dirt road begins which crosses the Jandia Natural Park. At the beginning there is a parking lot where a walk also starts (I think about 2 and a half hours) in order to reach Playa de Cofete on foot for the more athletic who prefer to enjoy the journey more slowly. There is a bus that passes the same point a couple of times a day that leaves from Morro Jable.
In any case, you will come across or overtake many bicycles. The dirt road in the first kilometers is a bit dusty but quite practicable even on two wheels

The second part and the view of the bay

Playa de Cofete, way to Cofete
Playa de Cofete, Fuerteventura

At one point you get to the top of a hill. Here you will find other cars stopped with people around to admire the view and take pictures. The wind is strong and from this point the road becomes difficult (but not impossible).
There are big potholes and protruding rocks, so be careful if you have small rental cars. The journey is slow but the beach is definitely worth it. Playa de Cofete is wonderful and there shouldn’t be some obstacle to make you give up.

I will be sincere.
I admit that I thought I wanted to go back at certain points.
Travelling alone and was afraid of getting stuck or ending up in the ravine below, but the satisfaction of walking barefoot in the soft sand of Playa de Cofete is unimaginable.
Then during the Christmas period there were only big SUVs left at the car rental at the airport. Maybe it was my luck. I used it for something useful instead of downtown just to pollute my big ego.

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