Corralejo: The Perfect Beach Destination

Corralejo: The Perfect Beach Destination

Corralejo is about forty kilometers from Fuerteventura airport. Thanks to the presence of a marina, Lanzarote or the island of Lobos is very well connected From here you can set off to discover the whole island, from the famous dunes that are not far away, to the pristine white beaches in the south, but also to the capital, Puerto del Rosario.


The beaches of Corralejo are undoubtedly among the most popular on the island.
Expanses of fine golden sand frame a turquoise sea, giving the eyes an enchanting landscape with contrasting colors that few other destinations in the world offer.
Playa La Goleta, Grandes Playa de Corralejo and Playa Muelle Chico are just some of the beaches where you can spend your days and enjoy the ocean. The longest stretch of sand (a good ten kilometers of coastline) of the whole Canary archipelago is right here in Corralejo, inside the Natural Park of the same name, a protected area to safeguard the endemic plant and animal species.

Things to do in Corralejo

There are numerous activities that a stay in Corralejo allows you to carry out, suitable for every taste and need!

The city centre

The center of Corralejo is the ideal place to stroll and get in touch with the life of Fuerteventura. Here there are numerous commercial activities, which however do not impact with the roots of this island aimed at keeping its most natural and “wild” aspect intact.
Location suitable for all types of travellers, from couples and families thanks to its great security and tranquility, but also for young people and groups of friends who can find here a center animated by clubs and restaurants.
Its square framed by palm trees and characterized by a star-shaped pavement is located in the heart of Corralejo, not far away is the “El Campanario” centre, from whose tower you can scrutinize the city from above and in whose courtyard on certain days of the week it is possible to walk among the stalls of souvenirs, clothing and handicrafts.

Corralejo, Fuerteventura, view
Image byErwin Doorn on Unsplash

Corralejo Natural Park

A real desert overlooking the sea and accessible by car or bus thanks to the state road that crosses it, with the possibility of stops to satisfy all the senses: the view of this marvelous stretch of sand with its desert dunes and the spectacular contrast with the colors of the ocean, unmissable at sunset when the sand is tinged with an intense gold colour; “the sound of silence”, that incredible and deafening noise that the desert in its total peace and serenity produces deep inside, accompanied by the lapping of the Atlantic waves; the sense of smell, with that intense scent of land and sea; the touch, perhaps the most complacent sense of all, when you immerse your feet in the soft sand and sink into the dunes, letting yourself be totally enveloped by nature, becoming one with it … and why not, the taste, savoring a good drink fresh immersed in this magnificent scenery! The more adventurous can spend a day full of fun “riding” the park’s dunes with the characteristic Dune Buggy!

El Cotillo

From Corralejo you can also set out to discover the western area of the island, with its cliffs, and El Cotillo, where you can relax on the longest beach on the island, Playa La Concha. Do not miss a stop on the bays of Majanicho, halfway between Corralejo and El Cotillo.

The boat excursions

Various boat excursions leave from the port of Corralejo, among the most interesting a day to discover the lunar landscapes of Lanzarote, and the exit on a catamaran sailing towards the nearby and splendid island of Lobos.

Sports activities

One cannot imagine Corralejo without thinking of the many sports that can be practiced there, first of all surfing and its variations. The locality is known throughout the world for the practice of surfing, windsurfing and kite surfing, and for its schools that allow even the less experienced to approach these disciplines.


Corralejo is a lively and exuberant resort. Here you can taste the typical dishes of the island comfortably seated in one of the many restaurants in the centre, or spend the wee hours wandering among the numerous typical and lively bars frequented by surfers and tourists, in the company of music and a good drink!

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