Fuerteventura by camper: absolute freedom

Fuerteventura by camper: absolute freedom

Visiting Fuerteventura by camper can be a spectacular and at the same time adventurous, romantic and extremely free idea. It depends on your lifestyle, budget, how many you are (family, couple, friends, etc.) or your comfort needs.

During the long days when I was around the island, I met campers everywhere and I often asked myself: ” What would it be like to travel to Fuerteventura in a motorhome rather than a rental car?”
Avoid having to go back to the hotel every day with my heavy photographic equipment, rather than stopping for hours on a beach, perhaps with the refrigerator half full and preparing a meal while admiring or immortalizing the landscape.

Rent a motorhome in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura  camper

In these days I’ve puzzled a bit to see the offers of camper rentals on the island and I must say that the offer is not lacking. Most of the rentals are concentrated in Corralejo, but you can also find them in other places on the island. Camper models vary according to needs.
You can filter your search based on the number of seats, the presence of a refrigerator, toilet, and other accessories. It is clear that we start from the more “rustic” models of the Volksvagen or Peogeot type with the essential minimum (perhaps more suitable for young people), up to the more equipped and luxurious campers with 6/8 beds that can almost replace a small traveling house for a family with children or teenagers not too grown up.

Where to park

Fuerteventura by camper
Camper parked on the beach

Parking a motorhome in Fuerteventura can be a simple yet arduous experience. Personally I wouldn’t venture too far into the sandy and dirt moors but, I’ll be honest, this is where I saw most of the campers parked. By the sea and on dirt roads. As if a space had been created for them.
Another fundamental thing for a camper is the possibility of being able to fill the water tank and, if present, empty the toilet (please don’t do it around or others could find your “waste”) There are rest areas equipped in some petrol stations along the main roads. Others in Corralejo.
Still others near campervan rentals and some where there are campsites.
In short.
Depending on the length of your trip, you can adjust accordingly

Camper Fuerteventura
Camper on the Jandia Natural Park

I won’t deny that with all the things I carry around, a camper holiday would be a really cool idea! The photographic equipment, the surf, few things to eat and the local delicacies that I will buy along the way. When I’m retired and have plenty of time, it will be a nice solution…
If I won’t be able to surf, at least I will be able to go for a lot of walks and go back to my camper to enjoy a sunset…

With so many rentals I will have no trouble finding the right one In the meantime, I share them with you:

  • This camper rental is in Corralejo: it really offers many opportunities and also a parking area with various services.
  • This however is really special: you can rent the legendary Westphalia refurbished and enjoy Fuerteventura with the adventurous spirit of the past. Or choose other slightly more comfortable alternatives.
  • This dealer/rental offers solutions for all the Canary Islands. Who knows, maybe you’re lucky enough to have plenty of time and be able to see more than one island in one long trip!

    Send us some photos and tell us a little about your adventure

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