Isla de Lobos: the protected islet of Fuerteventura

Isla de Lobos: the protected islet of Fuerteventura

Declared a nature reserve since 1982, L’Isla de Lobos is a couple of kilometers from Corralejo and about 8 kilometers from the coasts of Lanzarote.
It is an ideal destination for a day trip, especially since it is not possible to stay on the island except in certain areas and conditions.

Isla de Lobos has a restaurant, a lighthouse and a protected environment that must be preserved at all costs.

The Lobos island hosts habitats of great value, in a magnificent state of conservation where there is no shortage of endemisms including Limonium ovalifolium canariensis. Furthermore, a large part of its flora is currently protected by various regulations.


To visit Lobos Island, you need an authorization so that the maximum entry of daily visitors is limited and with it, the delicate ecosystem of the island.
The maximum number of daily visitors is 400 people divided into two shifts of 200 people:

  • 1st shift in the morning from 10 am to 2 pm;
  • 2nd shift in the afternoon from 2 to 6 pm;

It is clear that it is possible to book the ferry to the island with the permit or other activities included. From Corralejo there are various activities that you can book in advance of your trip, in order to organize your visit to the island. Maybe do everything early in the high season, so as not to risk not finding a place!
Don’t forget, however, that you have “only” 4 hours to admire this marvel, so make the most of it!

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