The 5 lighthouses of Fuerteventura

The 5 lighthouses of Fuerteventura

The lighthouses!
I almost forgot about it!
Of all the things there are to do and see in Fuerteventura, not thinking of a little trip to admire the sea from the island’s lighthouses would almost be a crime.
The problem is that the lighthouses of Fuerteventura are not few but, I think, at least 5 or 6, all beautiful and quite isolated.
To see them all in a single trip you will have to travel many kilometers but, if you wish, it can be an idea to see the whole island and create an original and new itinerary.

Faro de Martiño

Lighthouse de Martino, Isla de Los Lobos
Image by Ramón Pérez Niz on Flickr

The Faro (lighthouse) de Martiño on the island of Los Lobos measures only six meters high, but its construction was delayed for five years due to difficulties in moving materials with local camels and donkeys. Antonio Hernández Perez, managed the lighthouse from 1936 to 1968. After his death and the automation of the lighthouse, nobody lives on the islet.

El Faro del Tostòn

Lighthouse del Tostón El Cotillo
Faro del Tostón El Cotillo

The Tostòn lighthouse is located near El Cotillo. Inside you can also find the Museum of traditional fishing which justifies a visit.
Not to mention that El Cotillo and its beaches you should see them anyway.
This lighthouse was initially only 6.5 meters high and had a fixed white light lantern and was barely visible. A lantern was fitted with a flasher which improved its visibility in 1923.
The lighthouse saw the birth of two new towers between 1955 and 1985, the first of 13 meters and the second of 37 meters.
And in 1986 it was put back into operation with a solar-powered white light flasher.

Faro de la Entallada

Lighthose, Faro de la Entallada
Image by Wolfgang.W. on Flickr

The Faro of La Entallada was built between 1953 and 1954 by the architect Carlos Alcón, and is considered “unique” among the lighthouses of the Canary archipelago.
It is the last lighthouse in Spain to be provided with a residence for “the keeper and his family”.
You can find it just 6km from Las Playitas in Tuineje. the lighthouse of La Entallada also represents the Canary geographical point closest to the Afican coast (about 100km).

Morro Jable Lighhouse

Morro Jable Lighthouse

Unlike the other lighthouses on Fuerteventura, the one in Morro Jable offers easy access to anyone who wants to reach it.
It is in fact located on Matorral beach, and perhaps for this reason, it lacks some of the great charm of the lighthouses located on cliffs overlooking the sea.

Punta de Jandia Lighthouse

Lighthouse Punta de Jandia Fuerteventura
Image byKeith on Pixabay

Reaching the lighthouse of Punta de Jandia requires a journey of about twenty kilometers of dirt road from Morro Jable. More or less the time it would take to get to Playa de Cofete (you can arrange to visit both in one day).
Once here you will be at the southernmost point of Fuerteventura.
So southern it was once thought to be the end of the world.
…and I won’t add anything else.

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