Playa de Garcery and the wreck of the American Star

Playa de Garcery and the wreck of the American Star

Playa de Garcey is a small wild beach on the west side of Fuerteventura not too far from Pájara.
Don’t think of this beach as a tourist beach where you can come and sunbathe and find big crowds.
Here the sea offers big waves and it is an area perhaps suitable for those who practice boardsurfing and surfing.

Playa de Garcery reached its peak of fame in 1994 when the American Star was wrecked in these parts and tourists came to “admire” the wreck that remained at sea for a long time.

The American Star was once a luxury ocean liner. In January 1994, a tug was towing it between Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria. Suddenly, due to a broken tow cable, the American Star disengaged and ended up adrift on Playa de Garcery.

In the following days, while a recovery plan was being planned, the ship broke in two to finally become a wreck a few months later.
Now abandoned to the force of the waves, to the gaze of tourists and looted in various parts, the American star sank and was then definitively destroyed in 2007. Today it is possible to see her “silhouette” on calm sea days through the transparency of the waters in front of Playa de Garcery.

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