Fuerteventura: a nature reserve to admire the stars.

Fuerteventura: a nature reserve to admire the stars.

Fuerteventura is closer to the stars than you might think.
In fact, Fuerteventura belongs to the Starlight Reserves, or rather to those unique places from which you can still admire the stars in a perfect way, without any external luminous “obstacle” or any source of pollution, interfering with the observation.
A bit as if we were observing the stars many, many years ago, when the earth was not polluted and natural light was the only thing to illuminate us at night.

What makes Fuerteventura a Starlight reserve?

“A Starlight Reserve is a site where there is an effort to preserve the quality of the night sky and its associated values, be they cultural, scientific, astronomical, natural, or landscape related.
A Starlight Reserve will have a dark core or zone.
This is one unpolluted area where the natural night and sky light conditions are kept intact.”

The importance of having “clean” skies

Fuerteventura has become a biosphere reserve not only for its divine beaches and spectacular nature that we all love.
The importance of having clear skies through which you can admire the stars are a sign in the first place. of the air quality of Fuerteventura.
But do you want to add the beauty of being able to admire a starry sky when you are on vacation?
The best photographers can take home incredible photographs, the instsagrammers capture unique photos from the Miradors of Fuerteventura under rivers of stars!
Don’t tell me that when you’re in your super-lit cities, you can do this?

The observation points (mirador) of Fuerteventura

If you enter the Reserve Starlight official website, you will find a beautiful and colorful map with the best (and excluded) points from which to observe the stars in Fuerteventura.
It is clear that in the inhabited or more touristic areas, also the possibility of admiring the stars in a clear way decreases.
However, there are unique places called Miradors or star observation points, from where you can admire splendid panoramas by day and incredible starry skies by night:

  • Mirador Astronomico de Sicasumbre: This observation point is located in Pajara and is well equipped. You can find parking information panels and indications on the position of the star constellations. Photographers and astronomers can “lean” on various supports
    Bear in mind that this mirador is located at an altitude of 231 m and, even with Fuerteventura’s favorable climate, it could get a little cool at night. Go prepared;
  • Mirador de Morro Velosa: This viewpoint is located in the neighborhood of Betancuria, the ancient capital of Fuerteventura.
    It is over 600 m above sea level and, for this reason, it offers splendid panoramas by day and by night, but also very cool temperatures, especially at night. Bring your camera and warm clothes!
  • Observatorio astronomico de Tefìa: The Tefía observatory is the main point of reference for contemplating the sky on the island.
    As of this writing, the observatory is closed, so check before you go. In the area there is still the mill and other things to admire.
    And it’s not said that the stars can’t be seen clearly from up here, even if you find the observatory closed.

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