Caleta de Fuste: two words about it

Caleta de Fuste: two words about it

If you wish to visit Caleta de Fuste you must know that this town is the main tourist center of the central area of Fuerteventura.
Furthermore, the area of greatest interest is entirely developed around a bay capable of protecting the beaches from waves and wind. For this reason, Caleta de Fuste is also the ideal destination for holidays with children.
However, being located in the center of the island, the town is also perfect as a starting point for exploring the surroundings.
Indeed, here you will find yourself at the same distance from both Corralejo and Costa Calma, characterized respectively by the splendid sand dunes and the white sandy beaches of the South of the island.

Caleta de Fuste: the most beautiful beaches

In Caleta de Fuste there are mainly two different bathing areas, namely the central beach with respect to the city, that of Playa de Castillo, and one located further south.
The latter is Playa la Guirra.
But let’s see the main characteristics of both.

Playa el Castillo

If you choose Playa el Castillo, know that you will find a large horseshoe-shaped beach of artificial white sand that gently slopes down to an always calm sea.
In fact, the sea itself is protected by the port, consequently it will never be agitated and not suitable for swimming.
All without considering the numerous services available, represented by:

  • a pleasant pedestrian avenue;
  • toilets and showers always available;
  • a playground for the amusement of the little ones;
  • a beach bar, useful for finding
  • some relief from the summer heat;
  • numerous terraces and as many local restaurants;
  • hammocks and umbrellas.

Finally, the calm waters of this beach are also an attraction for the children of the family, since their enjoyment will always be ensured by the undoubted safety of these waters.

Playa la Guirra

Once Playa la Guirra was characterized mainly by rocks and reefs, however following the construction of numerous luxurious hotels and a large area dedicated to shopping, a beach was also built here.
The result of these interventions is still usable and excellent today.
Here you will be able to take advantage of the maximum comfort offered by the numerous hotel structures and the convenient connection with a multitude of beaches and islets via as many wooden bridges and, right on one of these, a picturesque restaurant with terrace finds its location.
Finally, it is important to underline how even the sea that laps this beach is calm and safe thanks to a ring breakwater.

What to see in Caleta de Fuste

If you choose this destination for your next vacation, know that in Caleta de Fuste there are not only paradisiacal beaches, but also points of interest not to be missed and wonderful boat trips.

Among the places not to be missed is, without a doubt, the tower of San Buenaventura ( known as Castillo de San Buenaventura).
This historic structure, dating back to the 18th century, was built to protect the town from constant piracy attacks, but also from the French and the British.
Its plan is circular and spread over two different levels.
In the center there is a vault supported by a sturdy pillar and, when it was in operation, it was equipped with a pair of cannons managed by a dedicated military crew.
To access you will have to climb a stone staircase and cross an ancient drawbridge.

Caleta de Fuste, Salinas del Carmen
Salinas del Carmen

In Caleta de Fuste is not only the tower. Here you will have the opportunity to also visit the Salinas del Carmen, or the current Salt Museum.
Inside you can visit the salt warehouse, the salt worker’s house and also the old pier.
All while immersing yourself completely in this ancient craft.

Finally, know that the Salinas del Carmen are dedicated to the production of highly prized salts rich in trace elements.


There are so many excursions to participate in Caleta de Fuste.
In fact, among the destinations to add to your trip is undoubtedly the Cofete beach which you can reach both by car and by bus (with a few extra steps of course).
Just go towards Morro jable and follow the dirt road to Cofete.
Alternatively at a certain point it branches off towards the Punta Jandia Lighthouse which is another thing to see.
Same thing for the bus Morro jable then there is a small bus that goes from Punta Jandia and Cofete beach or hiking trails.
You can read our article to see all the bus timetables in Fuerteventura and organize your excursions from Caleta in an ecological way.

If you prefer animals and you are on holiday with children, a trip to Oasis Wildlife Fuerteventura is a must, a huge park located inside a splendid botanical garden.
Starting from Caleta de Fuste it takes about 40 minutes by car.
You can take a detour along the coast to the Entallada lighthouse and admire the closest point to Africa of the Canary Islands.

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