Travel ideas: Fuerteventura in 5 days

Travel ideas: Fuerteventura in 5 days

What to do in Fuerteventura in 5 days?
Precisely in order to answer this question once, in the following paragraphs you will be provided with a lot of useful advice and ideas to better organize your trip to this earthly paradise.

Day one

By virtue of the size of the island, visiting Fuerteventura in 5 days is not easy, however it is possible to organize oneself in order not to miss the most significant and important places on the island.
The advice is, obviously, to start from one of the most important and well-known beaches of Fuerteventura: Playa de Sotavento.
Located along Costa Calma, this beach is a real natural oasis, loved by many travelers and also appreciated by kite-surfers and windurfers from all over the world.
Further south you will find Playa de Cofete, one of the wildest places on the whole island.
Capable of guaranteeing a feeling of freedom and of transmitting relaxation and tranquillity, this long stretch of white sand extends for 12 km, each of them free of artificial buildings and characterized by the presence of the most uncontaminated nature.
Bear in mind that the last 20 km are on a dirt road, therefore slower to go.
If you only have 5 days to spend in Fuerteventura, count the time available carefully.

Day two

Certainly less wild are the beaches located near the small village of El Cotillo, located on the northern side of the island.
Its beaches are very popular with surfers and in the village you can find many excellent restaurants where you can stop and eat.
You can continue your visit to the north of Fuerteventura but changing “side”.
Corralejo is well worth a visit and here too you will find busy surfing beaches, restaurants and things to do.
I forgot!
On the way you can’t miss a short stop in Lajares!

Betancuria, Fuerteventura 5 days
Image byGiuseppe Buccola on Unsplash

Day three

Beach, sea, sun, but also art, history and culture.
Just like most of the Spanish islands, Fuerteventura also allows you to diversify your holiday by offering not only the classic day on the beach, but also many other activities.
Staying in Fuerteventura for 5 days offers time to visit one of the most beautiful and picturesque villages on the island of Betanc├╣ria.
Located in the central-western area of the island, this is one of the main landmarks of the Canary Islands, as the main testimony of the colonial history of the island.
Founded at the beginning of the fifteenth century by the Norman knight Jean de Bethencourt, this small town will still allow you to admire buildings dating back to past centuries and the ancient fortifications built to keep away the threats of pirates.
Only five minutes away from Betanc├╣ria there is the Belvedere of Morro Velosa, an unmissable place if you want to visit something different from the classic tourist attractions.
In fact, by visiting this place you will have the opportunity to admire an unparalleled landscape, where colored hills, canyons and small villages blend together to create a landscape capable of transmitting tranquility and a feeling of immensity.
The day can only end with a visit to the suggestive Entellada lighthouse, whose altitude offers a spectacular view of the coast.

Day four

Many know Fuerteventura as a place of pristine beauty, whose wild nature is unique in all of Spain. That’s why if you have to visit Fuerteventura in 5 days, you cannot avoid going to the splendid desert of the island: El Barranco de los Encantados.
Also called El Barranco del los Enamorados, this evocative desert consists of a set of ancient accumulations of sand from the ocean dating back 20,000 years ago and capable of creating a unique landscape that varies its color before the eyes depending on the exposure of the sun’s rays.
In a nutshell, a place to spend the whole day, able to amaze and leave you breathless by virtue of its beauty and, above all, a demonstration of how Fuerteventura, in addition to the splendid beaches, really has a lot to offer.

Isla de Lobos, Fuerteventura 5 days

Day five

Here we are at the last of our 5 days on the island, what we believe should be dedicated to visiting the island of Los Lobos, easily reachable via a ferry which, from Corralejo, takes only a quarter of an hour to reach at destination.
Despite the very small size of the island, it welcomes hundreds of tourists every day and offers incredible landscapes.
We talked about it in this article that you can read before organizing your excursion to the islet

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