Barranco de los encantados

Barranco de los encantados

In the collective imagination Fuerteventura is crystal clear sea and surfboards, being the privileged destination for those looking for wind and waves.
In reality, it also offers very interesting alternative routes, such as that of Barranco de los encantados, which allows you to go trekking and at the same time enjoy a unique panorama.
These are rock formations of millenary origin, which with their bright colors and smooth shapes offer incredible views for a selfie.
So let’s see in detail what it is and why include it among the destinations of your next summer holidays.

The enchanted ravine

The Barranco de los encantados is an accumulation of sand and debris from the sea, which over the centuries have settled and created an enchanted scenario with varied shapes.
Wind erosion has created a series of tunnels which it is possible to enter, fortified by rain and atmospheric agents which have made the site safe and accessible.
We are talking about a formation that dates back to about 20,000 years ago and contains within it a series of fossils that have crystallized over the various eras, such as snail shells and bee nests, which allow us to understand how slow and stratified the mechanism that led to the formation of these rocks.
The really interesting aspect is that the Barranco de los encantados is still evolving and who knows what form it will take in a few years.
What strikes the thousands of visitors who choose to walk this enchanted journey every year are the colours, which change at every hour of the day, starting from the pure white of dawn to the red-orange of the hottest hours.
Precisely for this reason it is an excursion to be fully experienced for several hours, getting lost in the pristine nature that comes to life and is constantly transformed.

Barranco de los encantados: a route for everyone or just for the experts?

Barranco de los encantados is not too complex a route and does not have an excessive difference in altitude.
Therefore it lends itself to all types of visitors, provided that a series of precautions are taken.
To reach the starting point you can use public transport, although a 4×4 is necessary to cover the last stretch due to the dirt road.
Before entering, download a GPS map, as otherwise it could be difficult to find your way around, or visit the site with an expert guide, who will be able to delight you with a series of anecdotes about the birth and formation of these variegated rocks.

How to get to Barranco de los encantados

To set out to discover Barranco de los encantados, you can park in an unpaved clearing near Esquinzo beach.
Even families with children can decide to dedicate a few hours to this excursion, since it is a real open-air science lesson, which allows you to study the rocks but also the sedimentation of fossils.
Keep in mind that the circular route has a total length of 6 km, so if you want to cover it all it will take a few hours.
As there is no refreshment point, remember to bring supplies with you but above all water, as during the summer this site can be particularly hot.
Remember that this is a protected place and therefore the utmost respect for nature and its preservation is required.
Some of the canyons present are blind, so it is better to have a GPS and a map of the area, to avoid walking empty.

Why visit Barranco de los encantados

A visit to Barranco de los encantados is a one of a kind experience, which can be lived in various ways depending on your needs.
Trekking lovers can venture along the most complex paths, going to explore all the canyons and getting lost in the tunnels.
Families with children will have the opportunity to see real fossils up close and admire the power of nature that slowly builds enchanted places, without even man noticing.
When the sun rises, the panorama is dazzling white and almost seems to be on the moon, while during the central hours of the day red and orange mix to create a delightful play of complementary colors and lights.
Organizing your trip to Fuerteventura and don’t forget to dedicate a few hours to this which is not a simple ravine, but a real continuous discovery.
Looking closely at the rocks, you won’t miss snail shells or even wasp nests, fascinating because they date back who knows how many thousands of years ago and are still perfectly preserved.

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