36th Corralejo Kite Festival

36th Corralejo Kite Festival

The 36th Corralejo Kite Festival will return in 2023 from November 6th to 12th.
The “Festival de Cometas” (Kites in Spanish) is an event that all international tourists have loved since the beginning and come back with joy every year.
Among the spectacular Dunes of Corralejo the colorful kites fill the blue skies of Fuerteventura creating unmissable days for everyone: children and families but also all other types of tourists and inhabitants of the island, who cannot miss this extraordinary event.

The history of the Corralejo Kite Festival

The first edition of the Corralejo Kite Festival was held in 1987.
It all started thanks to a small group of kite enthusiasts who noticed how well their “cometas” flew in these protected areas of the Corralejo Dunes Park.

What initially seemed like just a small event restricted to a few participants, has transformed over time into an international show attended by many people.
Thanks also to its privileged and unique area, the Corralejo International Kite Festival has thus become an event followed internationally, especially by British tourists and those from Germany.
The next edition will bring with it thirty-five years of experience, celebrations and colours. It will be a show not to be missed!

Corralejo Dunes Natural Park

Corralejo Kite Festival
Parque natural Dunas de Corralejo

If you have been to Fuerteventura, surely you have already visited this divine place and you will imagine that flying kites here is really the ideal place.
In addition, there is the sea (the ocean) nearby and it is no coincidence that so many wind-related water sports are practiced on these beaches.
This natural oasis is a must-see.
If you put together a kite festival imagine what it can become!

Events in Fuerteventura, Festival international de Cometa,
Kite festival of Corralejo
Image by ClausF on Pixabay

Generally during the days of the Corralejo International Kite Festival, professionals and amateurs from all over the world enjoy flying their magnificent kites in the blue skies of Fuerteventura.
Hundreds of tourists attend the colorful show while other side events (music and more) brighten up the days.

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