Fuerteventura and surfing as a metaphor for life

Fuerteventura and surfing as a metaphor for life

Starting to play sports again after so many years sitting in the office working was a unique fun. Discovering surfing in Fuerteventura is one of the best things in my life.
Understanding that surfing is not only a sport for muscular twenty-somethings (which I am not), but above all a way of life and a great teaching for children and adults was the most beautiful thing!

A week in the waves

I planned my trip to Fuerteventura for February and as I had to postpone last year due to a heavy shoulder fracture, I wanted to somehow balance out the corny season I had last year.
I’m sincere.
The idea of taking a surf course with so many injuries “on my curriculum” and at the age of 40 scared me quite a bit.
But Courage! Will I ever get hurt falling into the water, I who grew up in the sea under the attentive and loving gaze of my grandparents?

Search for surf school and course in Fuerteventura

In Fuerteventura there are hundreds of excellent surf schools, mainly divided by location.
Considering that I wanted to go back to the hotel of the last trip to Playa Blanca, that I wanted to see a bit of the Carnival of Puerto del Rosario and that I have always particularly loved El Cotillo, I left from these areas.
My choice fell on Fuerte Tribu, a school based in Corralejo and a small house also in Playa Blanca, right next to my hotel.
Fuerte Tribu runs courses for school children in Puerto del Rosario and for many children who travel to Fuerteventura with their families.
But most of all it organizes adapted surf courses.
I said to myself: if people in wheelchairs can surf, I can do it too at 40 after years of inactivity and various broken bones.

Surfing as a lifestyle

The first day of the course, the ocean was calm and the sun was hot.
the instructor, Rafa a real madman unleashed!
A flood of enthusiasm and sympathy, especially with the children who, to my amazement, all came to class rather than go to Carnival.
Rafa started by explaining me all the basics of surfboarding and he made sure I could swim and freedive.
Initially I wondered what being underwater was for.
Then I figured it out on day three when the big waves came in and every time I fell off the surf, every wave swamped me again.
The main thing to understand is that before getting on the surf, you know how to manage falls and know how to get up even on stormy days (not uncommon in the ocean).
Life, like surfing, is made up of many falls.
Knowing how to get up quickly without getting overwhelmed is essential!
And if you become good at surfing and staying on the wave, even better.
Either way, it’s a beautiful sport!
And every time I come back I will come to surf.
Even when I’m 90!
( I hope so!)

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