Puerto del Rosario Carnival 2023: all the photos from Sunday 19 February

Puerto del Rosario Carnival 2023: all the photos from Sunday 19 February

Sometimes it can happen to find yourself in the middle of a wonderful carnival almost by accident. I happened to attend the Carnival of Puerto del Rosario 2023, in Fuerteventura on Sunday 19 February, just when I was planning to do something else.
A great show.
I assure you!

It all started on Saturday when I arrived. From the hotel in Playa blanca where I was staying music could be heard in the distance.
Then, Sunday morning at the surf course, Hiero, a boy from Puerto, says to me:
“Why don’t you come to the Carnival after the course? Do you see those strange colored boats over there? They are the Arretrankos! They will go on until tonight at 7.00!”

And so, after the lesson, I immediately went to Puerto where a huge crowd was already filling Playa de los Pozos and its surroundings.
Costumed people of all ages who came from every street in the city.
This really looks like a big party for the capital of Fuerteventura.
Smiles, laughter and joy.

Carnival of Puerto del Rosario 2023

First of all you will notice that the most powerful music, the beats, and above all the crowd is not attracted around the main stage where Dj’s and various groups play, but on the beach where colorful groups called Batucadas “armed” with drums, play non-stop giving the rhythm at the Carnival!
There is also a day dedicated to the encounter between the Batucadas, but today, I was only able to attend this colorful display (photo below)

Batucada at  Puerto del Rosario Carnival 2023
Batucada at Carnival of Puerto del Rosario

The real protagonists of the Carnival are always the participants. And in Puerto del Rosario there is no difference.
The masks and costumes that are around are unique and fun.

And finally, we go on stage, while among the audience, colorful hats and cheering people dance, sing and jump.
I know that a few photos are not enough to tell about this beautiful day made up of a few hours in the waves and a lot of time spent among the people of Fuerteventura at the Puerto del Rosario Carnival.
But the memory of this beautiful and warm spring day will remain indelible over the years.
Above all for this reason I love traveling and coming back here.

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