Caminos: the sculpture of the children of Jandia

Caminos: the sculpture of the children of Jandia

Caminos is a spectacular and exciting group of children’s sculptures that you can see and admire near Gaviotas beach, shortly after Morro Jable, on the Jandia peninsula.
It is located inside a rotunda and encloses a group of sculptures of children created by Cuban sculptor Lisbet Fernandez Ramos.

The meaning of the sculpture

Caminos is represented by a group of thirty children’s sculptures whose original faces were voluntarily “lent” by the parents of the Pajara City Hall to the Cuban artist so that she could make the work.
All children have their gaze turned towards the sky and represent the growth of people and, in the case of the child and its evolution towards adult life (like that of a growing flower).
The meaning of “Caminos” in Spanish is in fact that of roads, paths, etc.
If you look at the rotunda from a different (aerial) perspective, you will notice that the sculptures have been placed on a big Yin Yang, which accentuates their philosophical meaning.

The sculptor of Caminos


Lisbet Fernandez arrived in Spain in 2006 on the occasion of an art exhibition in Madrid, after which she and her husband moved permanently to Fuerteventura.
Here you have created Caminos a group of sculptures of 30 children (two of 15) made of terracotta with a height of approximately 110 cm.
You can find the sculptures in “home” ( 37-47 cm) sizes directly from the artist on her website

The artist should have a studio in Costa Calma. If you want more info, maybe call the numbers on the website above and ask her directly.

How to find the sculptures

Finding Caminos is quite simple, even if, while driving, it can happen that you pay more attention to the road rather than what is inside the roundabout.
The sculpture, in any case, is approximately equal to the beach of Gaviotas.
On the Rotonda is Club Aldiana with a side street on which many cars are parked.
If you want to stop without leaving your car in the street, leave your car there too and walk 50 meters.
If, on the other hand, you don’t want to make a mistake because you are alone in the car or you don’t want to be distracted looking for signs or looking at all the roundabouts, write “Skulpture von Kinder aus Morro Jable” on Google Map and you can’t go wrong.

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