The magic of Fuerteventura’s roads

The magic of Fuerteventura’s roads

I will be sincere.
The first thing I fell in love with on leaving Fuerteventura airport was the island’s roads.
Then I came across everything else but every time I come back and discover new places, new roads and new landscapes, everything seems more beautiful to me.
Let’s face it:
no other place is like this!

Road to the south

The photo above is the road between the airport and Caleta de Fuste.
Basically the one that goes south and that on my first trip I took the other way around (I should have gone towards Puerto del Rosario or Corralejo in practice).

Road to Corralejo

In the following days and journey I then discovered the true beauties of the streets of Fuerteventura:
The spectacular road that passes between the Dunes of Corralejo and, above all (my favorites) the two very long dirt roads that lead respectively to Playa de Cofete and Punta de Jandia.

Fuerteventura roads
The coastal road that crosses the Dunes of Corralejo

The road that passes through the dunes of Corralejo is a real tongue in the desert.
The sensation is just that of crossing a desert on a strip of asphalt and the desire to stop and walk a bit among the dunes will take you uncontrollably!
A unique show.

A little more particular are the two very long dirt roads that start after Morro Jable.
Both 20 km long, they branch off after a few kilometers to reach two destinations that you absolutely cannot miss on your trip to Fuerteventura.
The road to Cofete Beach is quite practicable up to the mirador (the highest point from which you can admire the whole bay and the spectacular descent to the beach.
From there on there are big holes and the road drops without any protection.
Just pay close attention and go easy.
The destination is definitely worth the difficulty of the journey!
Here we have written a small article about this road.

Fuerteventura Roads
Road to Cofete beach

The road to the Punta Jandia lighthouse is a little easier. There are stretches of dirt, no stretches of “dangerous” and wide plains to the southernmost point of the island.
After Puertito de la Cruz, you will even find asphalt!

Road to Punta Jandia

But the road that scared me the most and, at the same time, made my eyes water for the beauty, was the one between Puerto del Rosario and Betancuria.
The passage from the Mirador of Morro Velosa (I think this is it) was completely in the midst of the clouds that were already starting to be seen in the distance as we slowly climbed upwards.
Then, the sun began to appear and from here the craziest road I’ve ever seen.

In the middle of the clouds on the road to Betancuria

Canyons, endless sun, concrete blocks, desert and endless aridity, but you can’t imagine. the idea that the slightest mistake can make you fall under makes these roads particularly scenographic and spectacular.
Just like for Playa de Cofete, the road to Betancuria is also forbidden for those who suffer from vertigo or fear emptiness.
If the panorama is incredible, the sense of being sheer above nothing is constant and continuous.
But getting to the destination is worth the whole journey.

As always in Fuerteventura.

Road to Betancuria, Fuerteventura, Fuerteventura Roads
Road to Betancuria

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