Puertito de la Cruz, the end of the world and the airstrip.

Puertito de la Cruz, the end of the world and the airstrip.

Puertito de la Cruz is at the end of the world.
At least.
It was once thought to be the end of the world here.
Before the discovery of maps, satellites and the earth being round, arriving at the last village before the lighthouse of Jandia, many believed they had reached the end of the world.

Today, perhaps, arriving in these parts, it will not seem very different. Yes, because after 20 kilometers of dirt road between nowhere, you will think you have reached a mythical place. The last fishing village before the southernmost lighthouse on Fuerteventura.

About 31 people live in Puertito de la Cruz.
The village overlooks the sea with dozens of low white houses with many small colored windows. Between the stretch of paved road (the last meters between Puertito and the lighthouse are paved) and the houses there are dozens of caravans and, if you decide to stop and eat at the village restaurant, you will not resist the desire to explore the small and narrow alleys whites from Puertito de la Cruz.

In the past the Government of Fuerteventura has attempted to bring electricity and water to Puertito but only since 2013 has the small village obtained a diesel engine that supplies electricity for free and periodically receives water from a truck that brings cans up to here.

The airstrip

We have already told you about it in the article on the Cofete cemetery but everything is so shrouded in mystery and stories of the history of the area that it appears whenever we talk about this area.
The airstrip that Gustav Winter wanted to connect the Canary Islands and the rest of Europe may have been built right on the plain parallel to the stretch of dirt road that leads to Puertito de la Cruz.
But as the story goes, the Government of Fuerteventura at the time denied Winter the use of the airstrip and so he tried to develop a sports pier in Puertito and use the old Los Estancos airport to leave Fuerteventura.

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