That wonderful Christmas in Fuerteventura…

That wonderful Christmas in Fuerteventura…

Christmas 2022 in Fuerteventura was born suddenly and without plans.
Perhaps for this reason it was one of the best Christmases of my life.
Or perhaps because Fuerteventura is such a beautiful island that, at any time or in any mood, you will find happiness in your heart.

But let’s start from the beginning: since all the plans for the traditional family Christmas had suddenly jumped and, in the last four years for as many reasons, I had also had to cancel my already planned trips to Fuerteventura, I said to myself: “that’s it! book everything now and go! maybe it’s the perfect time!”

On December 24th at 5 am I was at the airport on the cheapest flight I could find for the period.
More excited than a child, I was about to fly to the island I had dreamed of visiting for years: Fuerteventura finally.

Immediately I felt the need to stop at each rest area to photograph everything and breathe in the scent of Fuerteventura. Which tasted like spring rather than Christmas but, for this reason, it made this holiday even more unique for me, used to cold and clouds.

Christmas Fuerteventura, Rosad to Puerto del Rosario
Road to Puerto del Rosario

El Cotillo

With the whole afternoon of Christmas Eve free, I took the opportunity to immediately explore the north of the island.
El Cotillo for some reason attracted me and, without any travel plans, I quickly left for this destination.
What can I say?
Total shock!
Lajares and the restaurants full of people with vans loaded with surf on the sides of the road very 60s immediately gave me the idea of what the final destination of my trip was.
But the silence and calm of El Cotillo on Christmas Eve was the highlight of the day.
Few people in open restaurants and some around.
Going into the supermarket, the people I met were preparing to buy only a few things rather than spending a lot of money on sumptuous and abundant Christmas lunches or dinners.

Christmas Day

Waking up early and the view of Playa Blanca at sunset was immediately sensational to say the least.
The sun rising from the ocean and illuminating the campers parked along the beach.
Breakfast at the hotel and departure towards the south
Destination: Playa de Cofete
My impromptu Christmas between road and sea in Fuerteventura.

Christmas Fuerteventura, Salinas del Carmen
Salinas del Carmen, Fuerteventura

The road was empty and sunny ahead of me.
Unplanned first stop: Salinas del Carmen.
The parking lot was semi-deserted, the sun low on the horizon, no one at the ticket office and very few people around.
So I decided to take a walk among the walkways, the piles of white salt so much, I thought: “the day will be long, I can stop and see everything in this unusual Christmas”.

The road

The road to the south is something spectacular that you have to experience at least once in your life: endless stretches of sand surrounding highways that, in reality, are great long-distance roads.
In short. I don’t know how to define them.
Here they would charge them as highways.
Here in Fuerteventura you simply travel among the beauty without ever (or almost never) running into potholes, detours or various inconveniences.
In any case.
Starting from Salinas del Carmen, I set the destination on the navigator and, initially I thought he get confused when he “told” me that there was a dirt road to take to reach Playa de Cofete.
Nothing more exact instead.
Arrived in Morro Jable I could not help but stop again seeing the huge beach, the lighthouse and the very long pedestrian path that runs along the road.
” In my unusual Christmas in Fuerteventura I can also take a walk”
and, I must say, there were a great many people around here.

Playa de Cofete

I know, those who have read other articles on this site will have already seen stories and reports on this spectacular road, but I will never stop singing its praises and weaving its beauty (and danger).
Finding myself alone on Christmas day under a hot sun kicking up dust and earth with a rented SUV driving a few centimeters from a ravine overlooking the sea was a unique experience.
At certain moments I was even afraid and wanted to go back but, I assure you, the beauty of the destination is worth the whole journey.

Road to Cofete beach, Christmas Fuerteventura
Road to Cofete

I didn’t think I would find so many people on the beach at lunchtime on Christmas day in such a remote place.
I was almost 2000 km from home, in the middle of the ocean, at a time when everyone is gobbling up on traditional foods and one of the most remote beaches of Fuerteventura was alive and full of people.
Groups of people laughing and running, little families, girls sunbathing, desolate surfers sitting on the sand watching the giant waves (perhaps too much for them) and, finally, me, with my trusty Canon, looking for nice shots on and down to the beach.
My December 25, 2022.
Never such a beautiful Christmas
Never a Christmas so full of beautiful things.
It certainly won’t be my grandmother’s lasagna, but the scent of Fuerteventura makes your heart reborn!

Puerto del Rosario

After a long journey and many kilometres, the best thing to end Christmas in Fuerteventura was a nice walk to the capital.
The last refueling on the way back with the bar full of only two men, the bartender and the girl at the till marked the day made of sea, silence and lots of hot sun.
But before leaving I had a nice walk from the hotel to Puerto del Rosario on the pedestrian street I couldn’t miss it.

Puerto del Rosario: the pedestrian street on Playa Blanca
Christmas Fuerteventura
Puerto del Rosario: the pedestrian street on Playa Blanca

and… something Christmas, since so far I’ve only talked about Christmas but I haven’t even posted a photo of trees, lights or anything else 😉

The Christmas tree and the decorated hall in the Fuerteventura hotel
The Christmas tree and the decorated hall in the Fuerteventura hotel

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