7 places in Fuerteventura where you can isolate yourself from the world and feel at peace

7 places in Fuerteventura where you can isolate yourself from the world and feel at peace

If on your next trip to Fuerteventura you want to include some isolated places where you can find moments of peace and solitude where you can regenerate yourself, here, perhaps, you will be able to find some good suggestions.

I start from the assumption that, on any trip, the best times to find suggestive colours, silence and peace are certainly those of dawn during which most people are still asleep and peace reigns around.
The sea is calm and the rising sun offers beautiful colors.
But Fuerteventura has small hidden places (I’ll find others in my next trips) that can give silence, peace and tranquility.

1.Playa de cofete

Fuerteventura places isolate peace
Playa de Cofete, Fuerteventura

The road to reach it is so absurd that you will hardly find large crowds of tourists here.
My memory here is of Christmas day and of very few people who, like me, have chosen to spend the day on the beach rather than at the table with abundant and sumptuous lunches.
The scenery is incredible, the strong wind and the often very high waves…
Nobody will come to disturb your peace here.
There is also a very small cemetery and, of course, an endless beach…

2. The cycle path of Puerto del Rosario

Fuerteventura places isolated peace
Puerto del Rosario: the pedestrian street on Playa Blanca

The cycle path that goes from Playa Blanca to Puerto del Rosario is an excellent point for taking walks in great tranquility, enjoying the sea, the sunset in Fuerteventura, sitting and remaining in peace and solitude in front of the sun setting into the sea.
Perhaps not the best when there is strong wind, but still a unique place that is never too crowded, especially in winter.

3.The Corralejo dunes at sunset

Dunes de Corralejo
Dunes de Corralejo

The Corralejo dunes at sunset are a truly spectacular place.Try to keep in mind the exact time of sunset, because it only takes a few minutes to make the sun disappear behind the horizon and make you miss the whole show.There really is a lot of peace and, at least in the off season, big crowds I haven’t seen.People scatter throughout the park and the dunes and you can take pictures, walk and find your corner of solitude to admire the spectacle of nature.

4.Puertito de la Cruz

Puertito de la Cruz, Fuerteventura, peace, isolate, place, peace
Puertito de la Cruz

This is certainly the most remote, isolated and peaceful village in Fuerteventura.
We are 20′ by dirt road from Morro Jable and here you will find only a restaurant and the lighthouse of Punta de Jandia.
Puertito de la Cruz is a truly out of this world village…
You can read more about it in our article

5. The improvised parking lots overlooking the sea

Fuerteventura,, isolated, camper, Jandia Natural Park
Camper on the Jandia Natural Park

One of the first things I understood while traveling around Fuerteventura was that this is an island where many people come to be in peace and enjoy the beauty of the place.
Many campers find incredible corners with sea views and remain parked all night.
Those who “live” there can enjoy the sea, the sound of the waves, the peace of the place and the rising and setting of the sun within a few hours.
Things that we rarely appreciate in our daily routine.

6. Playa de Majanicho

Fuerteventura, places peace, playa de Majanicho, isolated
Playa de Mayanicho

Playa de Mayanicho is another beach that is very popular with campers who want peace of mind.
There are no services but there is a very small and remote village.
A straight and very long road leads from El Cotillo to here but, apart from surfers and campers, you won’t find too many people around here.

7. El Cotillo on the afternoon of Christmas Eve

Lighthouse del Tostón El Cotillo, Fuerteventura
Faro del Tostón El Cotillo

I know, this is really an unusual thing but the feeling of peace that I felt on the afternoon of last December 24th walking around El Cotillo was truly unique…
There was hardly anyone around, the few open restaurants were about to close and going to the supermarket to get something to eat, I felt the sensation of being in a simple place where people were humbly preparing for any holiday.

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