News on Fuerteventura

News on Fuerteventura

Welcome to the news of Fuerteventura! On this page we will try to tell all the news that we will find gradually trying to update as much as possible on everything that happens beautiful (not necessarily).

September 16, 2023: Maxorata cheese, the best ripened goat cheese in Spain 2023

Corralejo accident on August 31st: 5 more seriously injured

Crash accident Corralejo, Fuerteventura news

Best of the best: Tripadvisor travellers’ choices 2023

Playa de Sotavento
Playa de Sotavento

Playa de Sotavento was ranked 9th in the ranking of the 25 most beautiful beaches in Europe according to Tripadvisor users who, every year, elect the best beaches or other tourist attractions around the world.
Playa de Sotavento, located on the Jandia Peninsula, thus confirms that it is one of the most popular beaches in the world, not only for tourists who visit Fuerteventura, but for all travellers.
Not only.
Sotavento has always been a paradise for kite surfers and windsurfers and, let’s not forget that between the end of July and the beginning of August, it will welcome a stage of the World Tour of the two specialties.

10th March 2023

Fuerteventura allocates two million euros in aid to sport

Surfing Fuerteventura

The Cabildo de Fuerteventura, from the Sports Area, opens this Friday 10 March, a call for sports subsidies for this year 2023 aimed at promoting physical-sporting activities on the island and encouraging healthy lifestyle habits.
The president of the Insular Institution, Sergio Lloret, underlined “the importance of practicing sport for personal, physical/mental health, as well as support for those who disseminate and promote the island as an ideal destination for practicing sport.

The Cabildo de Fuerteventura will allocate more than two million euros this year for this new delivery of subsidies, which can be addressed by local authorities, individual athletes, sports entities, individual athletes, sports federations and sports events.

Interested parties can submit applications and the related documentation through the telematic registry office of the Headquarters, or in person at any registry office if natural persons.

The deadline to be counted from the day following the publication of the announcement of the same today, Friday 10 March, in the Official Gazette of the Province of Las Palmas, i.e. from 13 to 24 March inclusive.

All the information on the announcement can be consulted both on the bulletin board and on the Cabildo website.

January 16, 2023: 5-meter waves in Fuerteventura

News Fuerteventura, waves
Image by zahara on Pixabay

The news of these days concerns the sea, or rather the waves. It is one of those long-awaited news by surfers who go to Fuerteventura in search of the perfect wave.
A little less for those looking for a lot of heat and good weather. For next Thursday 19 January, in fact, waves higher than 5 meters are expected and, with them, also a drop in temperatures.
Along with the waves and the drop in temperatures, there will also be strong winds from the northeast. Water sports enthusiasts be warned.

Fuerteventura is a pet friendly destination

News Fuerteventura
Woman playng with her dog on the beach

Fuerteventura proves to be a really pet friendly destination. In fact, since last April, traveling with your dog will be even more comfortable. A toilet dedicated to dogs was built at Fuerteventura airport. It is located in the Uncos area, exactly between Gate n ° 7 and Gate n ° 8. A nice news for the many people who love to travel with their best friend. An excellent thing for everyone, given that four -legged friends will have a public toilet for them and will not have to get by where it happens inside the end (or outside), waiting to take a flight.

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