Why Fuerteventura?

Why Fuerteventura?

Why Fuerteventura?
Answering this difficult question would be a bit like explaining why you fall in love with a beautiful woman at some point in your life. Fuerteventura embodies too many beautiful things and inevitably you end up falling in love with it.

Personally, I found in Fuerteventura many characteristic scents of Seville, the city where I did my Erasmus plus during my university period, but with all the beauty of the Canary Islands.
In addition, the sea, the dunes, spring in winter, the sun and all the wonderful things that can only be discovered by coming here.

On my first Christmas trip I was totally struck by two places in particular:

El Cotillo and its apparent calm, broken only by the waves of the beach and Playa de Cofete, a spectacular beach that can be reached after an impervious journey through 20 km of dirt road (but quite busy despite everything).
El Cotillo on Christmas Eve seemed unbelievable to me: few people around, especially young couples. Gift shops, surf shops and restaurants with a sea view of course. The warm sun typical of the Canaries and the tranquility of the people around.
Cofete beach you can’t even imagine! On Christmas day, many people along the dirt road or on the beach.
Young or old people who have preferred a day at the beach rather than sitting at the table with sumptuous and abundant Christmas dishes

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