Fuerteventura by bus: a wonderful idea to save money

Fuerteventura by bus: a wonderful idea to save money

Fuerteventura by bus? You may have wondered if it is possible to visit this beautiful island without necessarily having to rent a car or having to stay still at your beachfront resort all the time.

The answer is “yes”.
Traveling to Fuerteventura by bus planning a low-cost and perhaps eco-friendly holiday is entirely possible. The buses on the island connect the major towns and are also nice and clean.
The only negative point (if you want to consider it as such): sometimes you may be forced to pass by the too neglected Puerto del Rosario, from where more lines depart.
But, I’ll be honest.
Perhaps it is not the classic European capital full of things to see that everyone wants to visit like Paris or London but, during a backpacking trip, I would gladly spend a few hours waiting for a bus.
I saw some nice beaches, beautiful walks along the sea, several small restaurants and many unexplored areas that any good curious traveler should feel the need to see.

Timetables and connections

The main bus company in Fuerteventura is Tiadhe. On the official website you can find all the updated timetables and organize your itineraries.

But let’s start from the beginning. Usually almost everyone arrives at the Fuerteventura airport and that’s where your bus journey will start.

Line No. 3
Puerto del Rosario-Airport- Caleta de Fuste- Las Salinas

Whether you want to go to Caleta and spend a few days of vacation there, then move on for a few “trips” by bus, or whether you prefer to go to the capital where you can set off to discover Fuerteventura, Line N° 3 is the right one. Always consult the official website for updated timetables season by season.

Line No. 10 Puerto del Rosario-Morro Jable

Also with this line you can get to Puerto del Rosario from the airport or to Morro Jable.
Check the timetables carefully, however, because this is are a very long route, there are very few trips a day and this does not necessarily coincide with your arrival or departure flight.

Ideas for your bus trip

Personally, if you plan to get around the island backpacker style, I would take Puerto del Rosario as a point of reference.
I repeat.
I didn’t mind it, even if many guides paint it as a capital with nothing,
I found it very relaxing with some small beaches where you can put your feet in the sea after long days spent around Fuerteventura taking pictures or walking.

1st idea: North with trekking and beaches

From Puerto del Rosario you can take line 7 to El Cotillo.
Get off at Lajeres from where there are countless trekking routes (you can find some in this article) through which you can also reach Corralejo or El Cotillo itself.
If, on the other hand, you prefer to continue by bus towards the sea after doing some trekking, you can take the same bus back to El Cotillo or take Line No. 8 which connects Corralejo directly to El Cotillo and vice versa.

Fuerteventura bus
bus trip on the sea coast

2nd idea: the south and its divine beaches.

Given that Costa Calma, Morro jable, Caleta de fuste are all places that you should consider to spend a few days to enjoy the beaches and the sea, then it all depends on how you prefer to organize your trip from here.
You can organize various day trips by bus between the various towns of Fuerteventura or continue traveling non-stop.
Line No. 5, for example, connects Costa Calma to Morro Jable, with stops along the coast.

However, a line leaves from Morro jable that you absolutely cannot miss (it is no coincidence that we have dedicated the cover of this article to its wonderful bus).
The spectacular line 111 takes a few passengers from Morro Jable to the most extreme points of Fuerteventura.
We are talking about the mythical of Cofete beach and the lighthouse of Punta de Jandia Puerto de La Cruz.
Keep in mind that the last 20 km are all dirt road, sometimes very difficult.
There are two trips a day but getting there is a feast for the eyes and the soul!

3rd ideas
Explore the interior

If you love desert landscapes, barren hills, winding roads and whitewashed villages, maybe you might prefer some nice bus rides to the interior of Fuerteventura.
Always starting from Morro Jable, you can take line N° 9 and reach Pajara with the only daily ride at 4.00 am however, the return is at 6.30 in the morning, just in time to enjoy the sunrise while descending towards the coast.
If, on the other hand, you want to visit the first capital of the island, namely Betancuria, and admire its church and white houses, you have three departures a day and four return journeys using line n° 2 Puerto del Rosario-Vega de Rio Palmas (here the Romerìa is celebrated on the third Saturday of September in honor of the Patroness of Fuerteventura)

Why travel by bus?

This question can be answered in many ways: first of all, traveling by bus is cheaper and more environmentally friendly.
Second thing to take into consideration is the time you have available for your holiday in Fuerteventura. It is clear that if you can stay on the island for a month, a slow vehicle like the bus can be fine. Schedules can be an advantage and a disadvantage: waking up early to catch the first bus in the morning will allow you to see the sunrise in spectacular places and savor all the beauty of life and travel.
At the same time arriving in a new village at sunset will fill your heart, perhaps just as the sun goes to hide in the middle of the ocean. It is true that the car gives greater autonomy.
But with a little organization you can avoid spending a lot of money, meeting a lot of people and seeing many more things calmly and better.
I assure you that when I had more time for my holidays, I had no doubts about which means of transport to choose between bus or rental car.

Indeed, I would have done everything on foot to savor the beauty of the journey even more slowly…

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