El Cotillo: love at first sight

El Cotillo: love at first sight

Entering El Cotillo for the first time, I immediately understood that it was a special place. Like when you meet a girl you fall madly in love with or get into a car that you then decide to buy.
It was the afternoon of a Christmas Eve and there were few people around. In El Cotillo there were only a few shops open: surfer shops, restaurants, a few gift and souvenir shops and a supermarket where few people made their last minute purchases.

I immediately understood three things:
I had arrived in a quiet village, surfing was a religion here because in a few hundred meters I had already crossed 3 small shops dedicated to this sport and, thirdly, the people seemed simple and kind to me.

El cotillo

Here you are! At this point in history it is too late to turn back! The surf, the beautiful people, the tranquillity, the waves, the sun and the sea view restaurants have done it all by themselves.

El Cotillo, Lajares and surfing

I haven’t told you about some very nice things that I noticed coming back here a couple of days later (when there were more people around and also traffic along the road).
First of all Lajares.
Passing by this village (without stopping), there are dozens and dozens of people stopped at the bars/restaurants on the road with surfboards on cars, vans and Jeeps.
It really feels like going through the 60s and finding yourself in a different era for a few minutes.
A feeling of beauty, joy and fun in the road between Corralejo and El Cotillo that catapults you from the 21st century made of technology, haste and problems, to the glorious 60s full of beautiful music, friendship, colors and great events.
For my generation that hasn’t been able to experience this period, it’s truly spectacular to see vans full of surf and surfers congregating in the bars on their way to the waves of El Cotillo.
I have also seen many surfers in the south of Fuerteventura, but they are more resort areas, hotels, shopping and older tourists.
Let’s be clear:
All wonderful people, but the atmosphere is different from El Cotillo although surfing is a wonderful sport everywhere and, I assure you, among the articles on this site/blog, you will surely read about my attempt to learn that I probably ended up submerged by a wave in El Cotillo.

…and where else could I try to go surfing, if not here?

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