Traveling alone to Fuerteventura: tips and tricks

Traveling alone to Fuerteventura: tips and tricks

Traveling alone to Fuerteventura can be a life-changing experience.
No kidding.
I know people who have stayed on the island forever or have simply found a magical place they want to come back to more and more often.
But if you don’t feel safe or are simply a bit disorganized, you can continue reading and understand if these tips and my experiences can help you on your next solo trip to Fuerteventura.

First thing: move around the island

Yes, I know, some prefer to choose the hotel first, but, given the vastness of choice that exists throughout the island, I prefer to target an area and then choose the means of transport based on the activities I choose to do.
I start by saying that my favorite pastime is photography, so I prefer to rent a car with local companies and get around independently.
The costs are quite low for both the rental and for petrol, you also have the advantage that you can arrive and leave at absurd times with very cheap flights.
Last time I left at 4 in the morning and saved a lot.
Having a car helps.
There is no public transport and a taxi, especially if you are far from the airport, will certainly apply some surcharge.
Alternatively you can use the local buses but, bear in mind, that in some cases there will be a “stopover” in Puerto del Rosario (which is a must see in my opinion).
If, on the other hand, you prefer a beach holiday, cocktails, evenings out, then a taxi is ok!
Outside the airport I saw signs with tariffs for all major locations.
You relax and don’t worry about anything except enjoying your holiday.

How to choose the hotel

I’m sincere.
Typically and for any solo travel I do, I try to see as many solo traveler reviews as there are for a given hotel.
But in reality you never know.
My first trip to Fuwerteventura I found myself on Christmas night (at home all my relatives were in bed with the flu and I decided to leave!) at the restaurant surrounded by other solo travelers or couples.
In the same hotel, for Carnival, there were large groups but I made friends with an English couple who sat at the table next to me every night in the restaurant.
Apart from this, it is important to understand what kind of “holiday life” you want to have when choosing.
Fuerteventura has something for all tastes and traveling alone can be an opportunity both to play sports, to see new places, and to spend whole days on the beach doing nothing.
In short, choose what to do and then look for the hotel that best represents you.

What to do when you traveling alone to Fuerteventura

Here perhaps comes the hardest part.
Many people think that when you travel alone you often get bored because you have no one to spend time with.
Nothing more fake!
On my last solo trip to Fuerteventura I spent the 4 hour flight chatting (water sports theme not necessarily with experts).
In addition to the many hours spent taking pictures, visiting all corners of the island, seeing villages, I also took into account the hours spent on the beach (some I have yet to see)
But the coolest thing I’ve done in my solo travels in Fuerteventura, apart from attending the Carnival, has been to take a surfing course.
Surfing takes up several hours a day, it gave me the opportunity to learn some notions of a fantastic sport (it would take years and years to do it well).
With surfing, I also perfected some of my Spanish that I had forgotten since my Erasmus days in Seville and, above all, I met divine people who live in Fuerteventura and have left everything to stay here permanently.
Doing things that the locals do (like surfing) is an opportunity to get closer to those who live here, get advice on what to see or eat for example.
The queso majorero that I brought home is thanks to a suggestion given by a boy from Purto del Rosario that I met at a surf lesson, for example.
If I had been at home to sleep…

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